IDI Quarterly

「IDI Quarterly」(季刊)

IDI Quarterlyは、日本の公共事業に関する情報のグローバル化を目的とし、国内の建設関連情報(特に建設行政、大規模事業、及び新工法・新技術)を海外へ積極的に発信している季刊誌です。ここでは最新号を含む過去5年分のバックナンバーの全文を掲載します。

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No.101 May 2024
  • D・Box Method: Soft ground improvement, Vibration Reduction Measures, Liquefaction Mitigation Measures, Mud Pumping Measures, Anti-Erosion Measures for Forest Roads, Improvement of the very soft ground
  • Introduction of the Brochure and Videos introducing the winners of the Minister’s Award and the Minister’s Encouragement Award for Outstanding International Infrastructure Engineers
No.100 January 2024 25th Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2023

  • Thermally enhanced bioremediation for VOC-contaminated soil
  • Ground Thermal Utilization Technology Using Precast Piles
  • Tunnel-constructing technology by making the tunnel’s outside shell precede,while using the joints which are able to respond to the behavior of groundwater
No.99 August 2023
  • “Building National Resilience” ・ Introduction of Hydraulic Model Experimental Facilities Leading to “River Basin Disaster Resilience Measures”
  • “Efforts Toward Coastal Conservation”
    ~ Introduction of Analysis and Monitoring Techniques ~
  • About “Japan Construction International Award”
No.98 May 2023
  • Development of fast-setting UHPFRC for bridge deck overlay
  • Bridge Deck Slab Replacement by CAP SLAB
No.97 January 2023
  • Air-Water Separation System for the Vacuum Consolidation Method
No.96 December 2022 24th Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2022

  • The comprehensive quality control method for impervious embarkment
  • Precase PC floor slab using UFC as waterproof layer
  • Evaluation method of residual structural performance for piers using artificial intelligence
No.95 August 2022
  • Introduction of Low Cost Road Survey Technologies: Three Free Smartphone Applications for Road Asset Management
No.94 July 2022 23rd Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2021

  • Effective utilization method of improved soil with inorganic water absorption agent derived
    from PS ash
  • Quality Inspection Technology for Foundation Piling Construction Using a Chemical Method:
    The CW-QUIC System


  • About “JAPAN Construction International Award”
No.93 September 2021
  • Road Asset Management Platform Activities
No.92 June 2021
  • TAPS – Al-Mg Plasma Arc Thermal Spray Coating for Corrosion Protection
  • OCTAS Modeler
No.91 March 2021 22nd Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2020

  • Educational System for Close Visual Inspection of Fatigue Failure in Steel Bridges
  • Steel Timbering Erecting robot
No.90 November 2020
  • Mobile Mapping System 【IMS3】

22nd Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2020

  • Liquefaction Countermeasure for Existing Residential Areas
No.89 August 2020
  • Friction Damper for Seismic Retrofitting on Existent Road Bridges
  • Construction with soil hardener STEIN
No.88 May 2020
  • Crack Repair Method, SAPIS (Sakae Adjustable Pressure Injection System)
  • River Disaster Prevention Information System
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No.87 February 2020 21st Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2019

  • Rapid Removal Technology for Replacing Reinforced Concrete Decks of Composite Girder Bridges.
  • Introduction of Fukabari-Method
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No.86 December 2019 21st Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2019

  • Practical use of monitoring technology in track maintenance and its application to maintenance management.
  • Automatic Placement System of Dam Concrete
No.85 November 2019
  • Cracking Inspection System KUMONOS
  • 3D Laser Scanning
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No.84 September 2019
  • D Mobile Mapping Technology
  • IFNet Website Renewed
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No.83 February 2019 20th Infrastructure Technology Development Award2018

  • Construction of Large Onshore Wind Turbine by Lift Up Method
  • Caisson installation automation technology
No.82 December 2018 20th Infrastructure Technology Development Award2018

  • Enhancement of Efficiency and Effectiveness in Maintenance and Management System by utilizing ICT
  • Wire Rope Barrier Systems
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No.81 May 2018
  • Implant Levee Embedded Resilient Structure
  • Global Flood Alert System II (GFASⅡ) ver.2.1 released
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No.80 January 2018 The 19th Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2017

  • “Re-pier method” for efficient seismic retrofitting of piled piers in service
  • Restoration for Preservation of Himeji Castle Main Keep, National Treasure of the Heisei Era
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No.79 December 2017 The 19th Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2017

  • Next-generation construction production system centered on automation of construction machinery “A4CSEL”
  • Network Compatible Unmanned Construction System
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No.78 September 2017 Stabilizer Construction Method

  1. Background of Technology Development
  2. Detailed Description of the Technology
  3. Advantage of the Technology
  4. Applicability
  5. Installation Record (Example of construction)
PDF 2300KB
No.77 May 2017 Web site for urban infrastructure technologies in Japan PDF 1240KB
No.76 March 2017 [Report] Example of Construction of Deep Underground Cable Tunnel in Singapore
-EW1 construction section-
PDF 1150KB
No.75 December 2016 The 18th Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2016

  • Ultra-high-strength Fiber reinforced Concrete (UFC) Cured at Normal Temperature “SLIM-Crete”
  • The development of the flap gate type land locks
  • Short Stroke Seismic Isolation System for Urban Buildings
PDF 2810KB
No.74 December 2016 The Geofiber method – Protecting slopes with environment-conscious continuous fiber reinforced soil PDF 1180KB
No.73 September 2016
  • New Raft Foundation Method (TNF Method) for Soft Ground
  • Conservation and maintenance technologies offered by Kawasaki Geological Engineering
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No.72 June 2016
  • Evaluation of Soil Liquefaction Potential by Screw Driving Sounding Test in Residential Areas
  • RAKUNA-IV : A New Double-Layer System Wave-Dissipating Block
No.71 March 2016 The 17th Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2015

  • High Durable Concrete with Seawater
  • Countermeasure against Liquefaction and Mitigation of Global Warming by Log Piling
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No.70 December 2015 The 17th Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2015

  • Fluidized Bed Incinerator with Turbocharger
  • Tunnel Enlargement Method for Shield Tunneling with Segments
  • Hybrid Tsunami Protection Wall to enable “ultra” rapid construction
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No.69 September 2015 i-SENSOR Monitoring System

  1. Needs for Monitoring
  2. Overview of i-SENSOR
  3. Related Products of i-SENSOR
  4. Application Examples of i-SENSOR
  5. Notification and Recommendation
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