Technical Note
How to Construct a Public Sector Comparator

Section 2 provides an overview of the role PSC in public procurement. This includes a definition of the PSC, an explanation of the importance of risk adjustments, and the relationship between the PSC and other aspects of procurement policy and practice. This Section is designed to put the PSC in context.

Section 3 sets out the contents of a typical PSC explain what each part of PSC should contain. On includes references to other sources of information, which should be useful in the construction of a PSC.

Section 4 goes on to examine how to incorporate the cost of risk into the PSC to ensure that the final PSC is a fair estimate of the expected outcome which will stand up to subsequent audit.

Section 5 examines how the construction of the PSC into the step-by-step approach to the PFI procurement process to help clients achieve the right balance between starting the PSC and delaying work until all the relevant information is available.

Section 6 provides references to other sources of information about PSCs and PFI in general.

Appendices contain explanations of terms and details of references, as well we containing some detailed technical discussion (on the relationship between likelihood of risk value for money) as well as sources of data on out-turn risk and lastly a short generalised example of PSC documentation cut down from actual PSC.