Technical Note No. 3
How to Appoint and Manage Advisers

This particular note is designed to assist public sector bodies to procure the right advisory support at the right time. It is advisory rather than mandatory, providing guidance on good practice. However, Accounting Officers may wish to take the guidance into account in accordance with their responsibilities on value for money.

It should be read in conjunction with the complementary HM Treasury Procurement Policy publication "Appointment of Consultants and Contractors" (Procurement Guidance No. 3), as well as many other relevant sector specific or departmental guidance. It supersedes the Private Finance Panel's "5 Steps to the Appointment of Advisers to FI Projects" (May 1996).

Based on this material, a training module on best practice in the procurement and management of PFI advisers is also available as part of the Treasury Taskforce's wide ranging programme of PFI on offer to civil servants.

Structure of The Note

Section 2 of this note explains how the Treasury Taskforce has responded to the recommendations of the Bates Review in this area. Section 3 covers the types and roles of advisers. Sections 4 and 5 set out the steps for selection and appointment, and Section 6 gives some general tips on the use and management of advisers.