Technical Note No. 2

How to follow EC Procurement Procedure and Advertise in The OJEC

The note has been prepared in consultation with the Treasury's Procurement Policy Team and Treasury Advisory Division and supersedes Appendix A to the Private Finance Panel' "PFI in Government Accommodation (October 1996)". It is designed to assist public sector bodies and their advisers in deciding how the EC procurement regime should be applied to PFI projects. The regime requires interpretation in its application on a case by case basis, but in a few keys area (such as selection of procedure), the Treasury's Procurement Policy Team and the Treasury taskforce are able to offer guidance. However, final decisions on the regime's application remain the responsibility of the relevant procuring body.

Section 2 of this note sets out a summary of the circumstances in which the EC procurement directives are likely to apply. Section 3 covers procurement procedures and Section 4 the format of advertisements in the Official Journal of the European Communities (OJEC) including details of how to obtain copies.