Policy Statement No. 4

Disclosure of Information and Consultation with Staff and Other Interested Parties

This statement provides a general framework of principles for disclosure of information and consultation with staff and other interested parties, but its main focus is recognised trade union representatives. It incorporates the arrangements for disclosure and consultation already outlined in the "Trade Union Consultation" section of the recent Cabinet Office handbook "Better Quality Services". It also reflects the White Paper on freedom of information, entitled "Your Right to Know" (Cmnd 3818). It takes these established principles and suggests a procedure for implementing them in a PFI-specific context.

It is intended that the framework will be used by individual central government Departments when developing or refining their own existing detailed codes of practice. Exceptions to the approach will inevitably occur, reflecting Departmental concerns about protecting national security or preserving the integrity of custodial services, for example. Local government PFI procurement is subject to separate rules and DETR will discuss with the 4Ps what further action is needed.