Partnerships for Prosperity

The Government's central economic objective is to achieve high and stable levels of growth and employment, goals which have proved elusive in the past. All too often, the old battles- public sector versus free market have prevented Britain from developing a sense of common economic purpose.

The key to future economic success is investment and partnership. Investment is needed in infrastructure, technology and people. In the drive to equip Britain for the 21st century, some projects may best be managed by the Government itself. However, in many cases, the involvement of private sector skills offers the prospect of better value for money. Increasingly, a combination of both public and private skills will be necessary and desirable.

Through the Private Finance Initiative, the private sector is able to bring a wide range of managerial, commercial and creative skills to the provision of public services, offering potentially huge benefits for the Government. We are keen to see the Private Finance Initiative and other public/private partnerships succeed in delivering the necessary investment the country needs, on terms it can afford.

This document provides a useful starting point for anyone interested n finding out about the Private Finance Initiative. Avoiding too much technical detail, it sets out the general principles and places the Initiative within the wider context of Government policy towards encouraging successful partnerships.