Private Finance and Is /It: Case Study Tafmis... and after

The case study describes the procurement of the Training Administration and Financial Management Information System (TAFMIS). This was a deal reached under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) between the Ministry of Defence and EDS Defence Ltd for the provision of information management services to the Army Individual Training Organization (AITO), now called the Army Training and Recruiting Agency (ATRA) following a merger with the Directorate of Army Recruiting. The contract documenting the deal was signed in August 1996 and is scheduled t last until 2006.

The case study is presented in two parts:

the first part describes AITO's business requirement, the procurement, evaluation and the subsequent deal negotiated with the successful provider. It is told the perspective of the MOD TAFMIS procurement team.

The second part revisits the TAFMIS team one year after contract award and summarises their views on how well the contract has worked out in practice - aspects that have gone well and areas where more attention and effort at the time of procurement would have been worthwhile.

The case study is augmented with annexes providing more detailed accounts of key components of the procurement, together with the provider's perspective on the TAFMIS contract.