New Roads by New Means

The Government wishes to encourage greater private sector involvement in the provision of road. This consultation paper proposes new procedures and other policy and procedural aspects of private finance for roads. It covers Great Britain.

The Government's objective is to harness the entrepreneurial, financial and management skills of the private sector to the provision roads. Trunk road construction is done in the private sector. The Department employs no direct labour. The great majority of detailed planning, design and supervision is done by private sector consultants. Now the aim is to extend the role of the private sector in the promotion, finance and operation of roads. Such roads, built, financed and operated using efficient and competitive methods, will add to complement the existing and proposed public network.

The Government is looking for genuine private sector ventures, with appropriate risks and rewards. There is no place for financial devices, disguised Government makes payments to the private sector operator according to the number of vehicles using the road are ruled out for this reason.