Constructors' key guide to PFI


The Private Finance Initiative has undergone considerable change since its inception in 1992, but the review instigated following the change of government in 1997 clearly indicated that PFI is here to stay. All companies seeking to obtain construction work in the public sector must be aware of how PFI operates to find out how they can benefit from it.


This guide leads readers through the entire process of how to obtain construction work in the public sector and describes the different opportunities PFI presents to different types of company. Because the key principle of PFI is that the public sector procures a complete operational service -not simply a building or structure- construction companies need to find new ways to work with a wide range of consultants and specialist service providers. This guide explains the different roles in which constructors can be involved in public sector work, and highlights the opportunities that exist for smaller companies looking for subcontract roles in PFI projects.


The Constructors' key guide to PFI is aimed at those construction contracts and consultants that do not have an expert knowledge of the complexities of PFI but are big enough to be affected by it. The PFI will offer new challenges and great opportunities to the constructors that can best adapt to the new environment.