Business Plan 1996/97

The world in which the Agency operates has changed a great deal since we were set up in 1994. The concept of making the most of the motorway and truck road network was still developing and we had a large programme of new schemes to deliver. Since then the Government's Roads Programme has been reduced to reflect the changing emphasis of Government policy and the need to contain public expenditure. While building new and improved roads remains an important part of providing a service to the road user, the focus is now on making more efficient use of existing roads through, for example, improved traffic management.

Our Business Plan for 1996/97 describes how we will deliver the best and safest motorway and truck road network possible for our customers- the road user- while minimising the impact on the natural environment and those living near our roads. It also explains how the Agency itself will have to develop in order to meet present and future challenges set by Ministers.

The plan sets out the service delivery, financial and milestone targets set by the Secretary of State for Transport and what we propose to do meet those demanding targets during 1996/97.