Profile TOKEN C.E.E. CONSULTANTS CO., LTD. is an engineering consulting firm, specializing in the field of River Regulation & Control, Environmental Assessment, Highways & Roads, Bridges, Sewerages and Dams. We have been satisfying the need of our clients for more than 40 years.
With a staff of over 250 to offer high quality services to clients, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading engineering consulting firms in Japan. In each of the last 5 years we have carried out more that 2,500 projects.
We aim to take part in higher technical fields on the basis of our accumulated experience, expertise and high performance computers. Although most of our activities have been concentrated in Japan, we are strengthening our overseas department with superior engineers in order to serve overseas clients.
Head Office Ikebukuro Aoyagi Bldg., 43-1 Ikebukuro 2-chome,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0014, Japan
Telephone: 03-3982-9281
Facsimile: 03-5396-6754
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Major Projects

Field Country Project
Water Resources Development Indonesia Bungawan-Solo Improvement
Surabaya-River Improvement
Iraq New-Hindia Intake Weir of Yufflates River
Weir Japan Master-Plan and Detail Design of Okotsu-Overfall Weir of Shinano-River
Master-Plan of Kiso-River Weir and Design of Equipment
Master-Plan and Detail Design of Chikugo-Large Weir
Flood Control Japan Tone-River Flood Forecasting System Development
Chikugo-River Regulation & Control
Detail Design of Nanbata Drainage Pump-Station (150m3/sec)
Taiwan Research of Flood Forecasting of Tansui-River
Korea Research of Flood Forecasting of Tanko
China Research of Flood Forecasting of Kanko
Malaysia River Improvement Planning in Penang
Water Supply Japan Long Time Forecast and Counterplan of Drought in Fukuoka-City
Water Supply by Phased Development of Dam in Kiso-River
Bridge Public Road Japan Nijino-Ohashi-Bridge, Longspan (200m) Arch. (Deck Rohse Girder)Interchange of Tokyo Heiwajima