Profile Kawasaki Geological Engineering Co., Ltd., originally founded in 1951, is the first independent consulting firm on geological engineering in Japan. Presently, it has 314 members with 212 technical staff including 59 registered professional engineers mainly in geological and civil engineering. Beside 4 divisions in the Tokyo head office, there are 44 branch offices, 2 testing laboratories and 1 research laboratory.
Since it's establishment, Kawasaki has been contributing to the development of infrastructures in governmental and private sectors, as well as in natural resources in Japan and in nearly 20 countries. Governmental projects include The Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway, Kansai International Airport, Honshu-Shikoku Bridge and Shinkansen tunnels. Annual turnover is approximately 9 billion.
Fields of Activity Geotechnics in for Construction
Roads, Highways, Bridges, Railways, Subways, Dams, Tunnels, Power Plants, Transmission Towers, Buildings, Industrial Plants, Residential Complexes,Underground Dams & Storage Facilities; Irrigation, Water Supply & Sewerage Plants, Ports & Harbors, Land Reclamation & Embankment

Resources Investigation& Geophysical Prospecting
Groundwater, Oil, Gas, Coal, Geothermal Energy, Concrete Aggregates, Archeological Remains; Under-ground & Submarine Structural Survey by Sonic, Seismic, Electric, Magnetic, Gravity & Radar Prospecting, Submarine Topographic Mapping

Disaster Prevention & Geo-EnvironmentaSurvey
Landslide, Subsidence, Active Fault, Slope Stability Evaluation, Monitoring & Prediction, Seismic Movement Simulation, Groundwater Movement, Soil Liquefaction & Improvement, Debris Control & Coastal Protection, Waste Disposal & Soil Pollution

Structural Diagnosis & Maintenance
Concrete Deterioration & Durability Assessment, Soundness of Underground Structures; Non-Destructive Detection of Cavities behind Mortared Slopes, Tunnels, Sewerage Pipelines, Abutments & Pavement Substrata; Slope & Tunnel Safety Inspection
Scope of Services Feasibility Studies, Planning, Site Selection, Site Investigation, Geological Surveys, Topographic Survey, Marine Surveys, Geophysical Prospecting
Land & Offshore Boring, Trenching, Sampling, Borehole Logging & Monitoring, On-Site Mechanical & Hydrological Test, Laboratory RockSoil Test, Micropaleontological & Tephra Analysis, Seismic-Resistance Assessment, Concrete Diagnosis, Geo-Environmental Assessment, Cement/Concrete & Aggregate Durability Test, Repair Work Planning, Cost Estimation
Technical Research, Data Processing, FEM Analysis, Computer Graphics & 3-Dimensional Mapping, Literature Survey, Manual Preparation, Supervision, Technical Assistance, Guidance & Training
Head Office Mitakawasaki bldg. 2-11-15 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8337, Japan
Telephone: +81-3-5445-2071
Facsimile: +81-3-5445-2073
E-Mail: webmaster@kge.co.jp
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Major Projects

Field Country Project
Archeology Egypt Geophysical prospecting of underground ancient remains, Luxor
Egypt Non-destructive investigation of Great Pyramid & Sphinx, Giza
Mongolia Geophysical prospecting of remains of Chinggis Khaan
Mongolia Protection & conservation of the ancient Kharakhorum City
Natural Resources & Prospecting Antarctica Seismic prospecting of oil & gas, Antarctic Ocean
Australia Seismic prospecting of coal field, Queensland
China Prospecting of placer deposits, South China Sea
Niger Feasibility study of coal field development in Agades
Japan Exploration of concrete aggregate for Tobetsu Dam, Hokkaido
Vietnam Red River Delta Coal Exploration Project Red River Project
Indonesia Bunian-Kungkilan Coal Exploration Project
Fuel Terminal & Storage Plant UAE Soil foundation survey for LNG tank, Das Island
Indonesia Foundation survey of tank yard of Dumai Refinery Plant, Sumatra
Indonesia Site selection of oil reservoir yard, Lombok
Myanmar Foundation survey of jetty near Minbu, Irrawaddy River
Philippines Supervision of land survey for cement plant, Toledo, Cebu Island
Japan Site Investigation for Mizushima Underground LPG Reservoir Yard, Honshu
Water Supply Egypt Rehabilitation of deteriorated irrigation system in Cairo
Mongolia Study on the groundwater development for Altai City
Nepal Basic design study on Terai groundwater development
Nigeria Reconnaissance study on the development of ground water supply system
Thailand Planning of city water supply system in Chiang Mai
Port India Foundation survey of dry dock of Hindustan Shipyard, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Indonesia Foundation survey of Jetty of Belawan Port, Sumatra
Korea Consulting on the soil foundation for container yard, Pusan Port
Singapore Site Investigation of dock of Keppel Shipyard, Hantu Island
Singapore Site Investigation of dock in Jurong Industrial Estate
Dam Indonesia Dam foundation survey, Upper Ayung River, Bali
Japan Geological investigation of Fukusato Underground Reservoir Dam in Miyako, Ryukyu Islands
Japan Geological investigation of Oso Reservoir Dam, Upper Ohno River, Kyushu
Concrete Diagnosis & Maintenance Turkey Study of deteriorated highway bridges & concrete aggregates
Japan Diagnosis of underground structures affected by Hanshin Earthquake
Japan Non-destructive testing of concrete lining of Mihara Tunnel, Honshu
Disaster Prevention USA Disaster survey of Loma Prieta Earthquake along the San Andreas Fault
Japan Investigation & countermeasure of Nigawa Landslide, Honshu
Japan Monitoring & prediction of land subsidence at old Oya Quarries, Honshu