Profile KATAHIRA & ENGINEERS INTERNATIONAL (KEI) has over twenty years of international development experience behind it, since it was formed as the overseas department of KATAHIRA & ENGINEERS INC. KEI is now an independent international engineering consulting firm fully responsible for all overseas assignments of KATAHIRA Group based in Tokyo, Japan. As composed of experts recognized primarily in highway and bridge engineering, it has uniquely undertaken various infrastructure projects throughout Japan and overseas since then.
With its expertise and rich experience, the firm can meet any and all needs of clients beginning from reconnaissance survey up to the operation stage, in all fields of Highway Engineering as well as in all sectors of Transportation, Rural Development, Regional Planning, Urban Development, Environment and miscellaneous technical services.
The experienced construction engineers of KEI develop precise construction programs to save construction cost and time. KEI experts have been also enjoying good reputation in supervising and inspecting the field activities in all highway and bridge construction projects.

Fields of Activity E Highway & Roads
E Bridges
E Tunnels
E River Regulation & Control
E Transport Planning
E Traffic Systems & Management
E City Planning & Urban Development
E Rural & Regional Planning
E Tourism Development
E Environmental Assessment
E Organization & Management
Scope of Services E Preliminary Investigation (incl. Reconnaissance survey, mapping &
@ hydraulic, hydrological & subsoil conditions)
E Master Plan
E Feasibility Study (incl. technical feasibility, cash flows & economic &
@ financial justification)
E Detailed Design & Engineering
E Bills of Quantities & Cost Estimates
E Construction Supervision & Management
E Training
E Project Monitoring
Head Office Taiko Bldg., 4-2-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
TelephoneF 03-3563-4053
FacsimileF 03-3563-4055
E-MailF kei-tokyo@katahira.com
Home PageF
Overseas Office Manila

Major Projects

Field Country Project
Urban Traffic Philippines Metro Manila Urban Expressway System Study (M/FS)
Philippines Metro Cebu Development Project Phase III (D/CS)
Philippines Metro Manila Interchange Construction Project (D/CS)
Indonesia Intra-Urban Tollway Construction Project (D/CS)
Thailand Toll Highway Development Study (M/FS)
Vietnam Detailed Design and Feasibility Study on the Outer Circular Highway to the City of Colombo
Thailand Hanoi Urban Transport Project (M/FS)
Viet Nam Hanoi Urban Transport Project (M/FS)
Cambodia Transport Connectivity Sector Project
Lebanon Environmental Friendly Integrated Transportation Plan for Greater Tripoli (M/FS)
Iran Intelligent Traffic Control System Project in Tehran(FS)
Road and Highway Philippines Pan-Philippine Highway Rehabilitation Project (D/CS)
Thailand Bangkok-Chonburi New Highway Construction Project (CS)
Vietnam National Highway No.5 Improvement Project (CS)
China Trunk Road Network Development in Zhejiang (M/FS)
Tonga Tongatapu Island Road Improvement Project (D/CS)
Marshall Rehabilitation of Road in Majuro Atoll (D/CS)
PNG Road Construction Project in Bereina-Malalaua (D/CS)
Rwanda Consulting Services for Construction Equipment Supply (D)
Kenya Consulting Services for Road Maintenance Equipment Supply (D)
Tanzania Consulting Services for Road Pavement Equipment Supply (D)
El Salvador Infrastructure Development Project (D/CS)
Railway and
Philippines LRT Line-1 Capacity Expansion and Line-2 Construction Project (CS)
Bridge and Tunnel Philippines Second Mandaue-Mactan Bridge Construction Project (D/CS)
Bangladesh Portable Bridge Construction Project (D/CS)
India Reconstruction of Nizamdhin Bridge (D/CS)
Ghana Small Stream Bridge Rehabilitation Project (D/CS)
Honduras Bridge Construction Project in Northern Coast of Atlantic (D)