CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd.
Profile CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd. (CTII) was organized around the end of the 20th century, as a new affiliate of the CTI group of companies (CTI Group), to act in concert with CTI Engineering Co., Ltd. (CTIE), the core of the Group, in the accomplishment of the Group’s overseas business. With the establishment of CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd., all overseas operations of the former Overseas Department of CTIE have been transferred to the company, in order to intensify participation and competitiveness in the international market.
As done under the former Overseas Department, CTII will continue to deal with overseas projects which had expanded to include such fields as flood control, water resources development, highways and bridge engineering, port and coastal engineering, environmental engineering, solid waste management, urban and regional planning, and information technology development. CTII will endeavor to further expand its business overseas, together with the introduction of new, innovative technology and well-disciplined staff, to ultimately cover all fields of consulting services in coordination with its clients in the government and international agencies.
To meet the even more sophisticated requirements in these days, CTII is committed to provide comprehensive engineering services ranging from research on social needs in the pre-investment stage to operation and maintenance after construction of a project. Attempts will be made to further cultivate capabilities in promising new fields, including value-added engineering, which involve innovative technologies under such themes as environmental conservation, biotechnology and artificial intelligence.
The CTI Group maintains a number of branches as well as regional and liaison offices in Japan and abroad. Research and technology development is conducted at its laboratory facilities for hydraulic model testing and chemical analysis to meet specialized project requirements. CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd. will continue in close cooperation with its clients to develop infrastructure projects, pledging a level of conscientiousness, dedication and skill to maintain the reputation as among Japan’s premier consulting firms. It stands ready to apply its wide base of experience as the former Overseas Department to deliver the ultimate in professional services wherever and whenever required.
Fields of Activity ・Flood Control, Drainage Improvement, Water Resources Development
・Highways and Bridges, Port and Coastal Engineering
・Environmental Engineering, Water Quality Improvement
・Solid Waste Management, Urban and Regional Development
・Information and Systems Development
・Laboratory Testing and Analysis

Scope of Services ・Research on Social Needs
・Reconnaissance and Survey
・Topographic Survey and Geological Exploration
・Biotechnological and Chemical Research, and Model Testing
・Feasibility Study and Project Planning
・Preliminary and Detailed Design, Cost Estimation
・Bid and Contract Document Preparation
・Construction Supervision, Project Management
・Operation and Maintenance, Training and Start-up, Capacity Development
・Information Systems and Computer Processing
・Computer Software Design
Head Office Tachibana Annex Building 2-25-14 Kameido,
Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0071, Japan
Telephone : +(81)3 3638-2561
Facsimile : +(81)3 3638-2560
E-Mail: gyoumu@ctii.co.jp
Home Page: http://www.ctii.co.jp/en
Overseas Office Manila, Philippines
Jakarta, Indonesia
Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia
Islamabad , Pakistan
New Delhi , India
Phnom Penh , Cambodia
Bishkek , Kyrgyz

Major Projects

Country Project
Indonesia Bili-Bili Multipurpose DamMedan Flood Control Project Bili-Bili Irrigation ProjectFlood Control, Urban Drainage and Water Resources Development in SemarangComprehensive Water Management of Musi River Basin
Thailand Improvement of Flood Loss Prevention Systems Based on Risk Analysis and Mapping
Integrated Plan for Flood Mitigation in Chao Phraya River Basin
Philippines Mangahan Floodway
Flood Control and Drainage Project in Metro Manila
Flood Mitigation in Ormoc City
Pasig-Marikina River Improvement Project
Iloilo Flood Control Project
KAMANAVA Area Flood Control and Drainage System Improvement Project
Malaysia National River Mouths Study
Beris Dam Project
Sustainable Groundwater Resources and Environmental Management for the Langat Basin
Vietnam Urban Drainage and Wastewater Disposal System in Hanoi City
Cmbodia Drainage Improvement and Flood Control in Phnom Penh
Hydro-Meteorological Monitoring for Water Quantity Rules in Mekong River Basin
Bangladesh Flood Forecasting and Warning System
China Integrated Management Master Plan for the Water Environment of the Li-Jiang River
Integrated Management Master Plan for the Water Environment of Tai-Hu Lake
Comprehensive Countermeasures Against Sediment Disasters and Environmental Restoration Plan of Yunnan Xiajiang Basin
Pakistan Mithawan Hill Torrent Pilot Project in Punjab
Improvement of Garbage Collection and Disposal in Rawalpindi City
Comprehensive Flood Mitigation and Environmental Improvement Plan of Lai Nullah Basin
Establishment of Environmental Monitoring System
Kazakhstan Solid Waste Management for Almaty City
Colombia Environmental Improvement of Fukene Lake
Guatemala Flood Control of Pantaleon and Achiguate Rivers
Urguay Capacity Development for Water Quality Management in Montevideo and Metropolitan Area
Paraguay Storm Drainage System Improvement Project in Asuncion
Bolivia Road Improvement Between San Borja and Trinidad
Venezuela Environmental Improvement Program for Upper and Middle Stream of the Tuy River Basin
Kenya Solid Waste Management in Nairobi
Mozambique Disaster Prevention and Human Resource Development
Morocco Master Plan Study on Flood Forecasting and Warning System for Atlas Region
Project Formation for the Improvement of Living Environment for Unhealthy Habitat in Urban of Metropolitan Area
Croatia Water Pollution Reduction Study on the Sava River Basin
Romania Water Environmental Management on the Prahova River Basin

Flood Mitigation in Ormoc City
The Anilao and Malbasag River improvement
works and Anilao and Malbasag Bridge works