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     IDI activities @@-Implementing JICA Tsukubafs training and dialogue program -
gAdaptation to Climate Changeh
Field lecture at Wind Energy Plant
IDI supported the implementation of JICA Tsukubafs training and dialogue program eeAdaptation to Climate Changeh, which was held from October 2 to 29 with thirteen participants from Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and Island countries. This program aims to consider and to elaborate Action Plan on strengthening of the policy-making/implementation system of adaptation to Climate Change based on impact assessment and vulnerability assessment in participantsf respective organizations.

To achieve comprehensive knowledge and Japanese useful measures to adaptation to climate change, this program consisted of classroom lecture, field lecture and workshop.
In order to understand the overview of international framework on adaptation to Climate Change, the lecture on trend of international discussion was made. Also the lectures included observation and forecast of climate change and the procedure of impact assessment and vulnerability assessment to understand impact assessment and vulnerability assessment. In this program, Japanfs policy and measures on adaptation to climate change was introduced.
Field lecture at Naramata Dam
The lectures were made by the government officers or researchers from the ministries, the national institutes and the universities. At the field lecture, the participants learned the practical approaches for water related disaster prevention and water resource management at Naramata and Yagisawa dams, Watarase reservoir and Edogawa river office. They also visited natural energy generating plant such as solar, wind and biomass power plant that are considered as a useful mitigation measure to climate change of the future.
This training program will be held for the year up ahead, IDI will support its implementation continuously.
Field lecture at Solar Energy Plant Closing Ceremony