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     Activities of IDI


Formulation and Promotion of ODA Projects

In response to requests from developing countries, IDI conducts technical and economic studies based on the requests from these countries and formulates projects suitable for Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA).

IDI provides information on infrastructure to the Japanese government, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Development of ODA Project

Role of IDI

Consulting Services

IDI provides consulting services in the process of formulating ODA projects, which require diverse skills of IDI members.


IDI assists in the preparation of topographic and urban maps under Japan's ODA.

Technical Training

IDI carries out training of civil engineers from developing countries, with the assistance of relevant government organizations and IDI members.

IDI also trains consultants to engage in international assistance and provides training for raising their level of professional competence.


Support and Activities of International Exchange

IDI facilitates exchanges of specialists in the field of infrastructure from countries around the world at the private level as well as at the national and local government levels. IDI also collects data, translates information, and arranges contacts between interested persons.

International Network for Research on Public Works Implementation System

IDI's research committee on public works implementation, which is composed of scholars, government officials and engineers, shows its commitment through activities with foreign counterparts aiming for mutual benefits.

International Forums on Infrastructure

IDI helps arrange International Forums on Infrastructure, where information and ideas on infrastructure are exchanged among individuals from embassies and international organizations in Japan and representatives from the construction industry.

Joint Study and Development of Technology

IDI cooperates with developing countries to jointly develop technology appropriate to the infrastructure of those countries, such as for example,

  • Development of construction technology for prefabricated houses in Thailand
  • Experimental works for low-cost sewage treatment systems, using Bio-Module in the Philippines.


Providing Information on Infrastructure Development

IDI compiles information on infrastructure projects, policies and technology in developed and developing countries throughout the world, and provides the information as requested.

Conducting Research on the Administration of Public Works

To assist Japanese public works executing agencies In meeting today's new requirements for social and economic globalizatlon, IDI studies funding, budgeting, contracting procedures and systems for public works project Implementation in foreign countries.

Assistance to infrastructure Development Industry

In light of the vital roles played by the private sector, both at home and abroad, IDI provides assistance for private firms to contribute to the development of infrastructure on a global basis.