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     Infrastructure Development Institute

Infrastructure Development Institute

The Infrastructure Development Institute (IDI) was established in 1956 for the purpose of promoting international assistance in the development of infrastructure essential to nations' economic development as well as to the safety and comfort of their citizens. IDI is a not-for-profit organization under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism.

Besides activities that are essential to construction, from planning to providing construction technology to supervising the construction, the activities of IDI extend to implementation of administrative-side systems related to organization, budget, and administration of infrastructure projects. These activities are based not only on the  Japanese government mechanisms and private enterprise but also on cooperating and working with the foreign counterparts.

The activities of IDI can be classified, according to their intent, as mobilizing International Assistance to developing countries, promoting International Exchange of information and human resources, and supporting Globalization of project implementation systems.

  1. History of IDI
    Incorporated under the authorization of the Ministry of Construction (MOC). Continued to implement technical assistance projects under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until the establishment of JICA in I962.
    Administration consolidated under the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Transport.
    Research Bureau established during reorganization
    IDI Europe Office established in Paris,France
    IDI Beijing Office established in China
    Closed the Beijing Office and Europe Office
  2. Size of Staff: 25 members (Secretariat: 7, Research Bureau: 18)
  3. Membership
    Regular Members:
    31 organizations (consulting, surveying firms), 182 individuals
    Supporting Members:
    35 organizations (construction, trading, manufacturing firms, etc.)
  4. Annual Budget (Fiscal 2014): US $2.8 million
  5. Primary Activities
    (1) Mobilization of international assistance to developing countries
    * Finding projects suitable for Official Development Assistance (ODA)
    * Promothion of ODA projects
    * Research on various aspects of international cooperation
    * Contributing to technical training programs
    (2) Support for the international activities of Japanese organizations
    * Research on the development and management of infrastructures in foreign countries (organizations, budget, long-term planning, conditions of development)
    * Research on the systems for implementation of public works in foreign countries (bidding, contracting, etc.)
    * Research on construction related firms in foreign countries (total sales, past record, etc.)
    * Research on construction technologies in foreign countries (new technologies , etc.)
    * Support for the international activities of the MLIT's regional construction bureaus and of local governments
    * Offering information regarding construction around the world
    (3) Promoting international collaboration
    * Offering information regarding domestic construction
    * Exchanging information and collaborating on development of construction technologies
    * Collaborating with foreign consulting firms
    * Exchange of personnel resourses

Organization Chart of IDI